Monday, June 29, 2009

I've got the rainy season blues

This is what happens when it rains all weekend and I have too much free time on my hands.

I'm thinking it will become a pillow, any ideas?

The design was inspired by a beautiful pillow that I saw on Anna Maria Horner's website. I put together a basic design of the flower on Photoshop, and then made stencils to make each appliqued petal. I'm in the process of hand stitching around each petal.

Most of the material I used to make this flower was scraps from my coin quilt project, which is almost finished.

For all those wondering whether I would ever finish the coin quilt, fear not, the end is in sight. Since I mostly hand quilted the entire quilt, it has taken forever to complete. I'm just putting the binding on the quilt, and am feeling a little anti climatic about the whole process. I should feel happy about the imminent completion, but instead I feel a little disappointed. Perhaps after awhile when I have time to step back and appreciate the final product, I will like it better. I'll post a picture of it as soon as it stops raining, and I can hang it up outside to take a nice picture.
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