Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coin Quilt Completed

swing your partner round and round
It’s a different world depending which window you look through. My complete coin quilt seemed to me less like a collection of scraps and more like separate little windows framed with pretty white. Do you have a favorite window?
coin on a bridge

For this quilt I used a bag of scraps that I bought from Anna Marie Horner, as well as other various scraps that I had floating around in my house. The white lattice work was an experiment in using trapunto- a technique where you actually insert extra filler (in my case wool) into the design. The hand quilting took forever to complete, but now that it is finished, I wish I had hand quilted all the lines. The sewing machine is great for doing the piece work, but I love the look of hand quilted lines. Sewing in the ditch with the sewing machine was not nearly as easy as I had expected.

Since this was my first attempt at using a hoop, there is quite a bit of variation in my hand sewing, starting slightly irregular and becoming smaller and neater as I improved.
This quilt was designed with the purpose to hide a cubbyhole where I store various odds and ends, including garbage in my house, kind of like a curtain or in Japanese a noren. Rik (my husband) laughed at me and said that our house has the most beautiful garbage hider (ゴミ隠し)in the entire archipelago. Of course it’s true, and what he is really trying to say is that the purpose of the quilt doesn’t really match the design of the quilt.
Live and learn! Personally I can’t wait to install it in our home.
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