Thursday, December 24, 2009

Riandaria リアンダリア


ta dum. A flower for mom. My first completely original piece, and i love it. It was all hand appliqued, and then quilted (stitch in the ditch) as well as echo quilted. The final product looks like a modern/hawaiian/japanese/leanne invention. My friend gave it the name riandaria...combining my name Leanne (in japanese pronounced rian) with the flower dalia.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Echino Baby Quilt for Milo

milo`s quilt
After many months of stopping and starting, sighing and groaning, loving and hating, I finally put the final touches on this baby quilt for my nephew Milo. It`s all wrapped up and in the mail, and hopefully will make it in time for the holidays.

spider detailThe main light green material found in this quilt is a beautiful cotton linen blend designed by a japanese artist ECHINO. I found this piece on an auction and bought it for a few dollars. The prairie points around the green material are made with various scraps of material; some antique japanese kasuri, other pieces cotton remnants from past projects. I was hoping that a baby would love to touch these little pieces of fabric that poke out from the quilt.

This quilt was all hand quilted and embroidered, including this little spider.

 The bottom and top of the material is covered with leaves, which I outlined with small green and white quilting stitches. The middle of the quilt was blank, so I improvised with my signature squiggles quilted in multicolor thread (my school notebooks were full of these kinds of patterns).  学生の時私のノートは全部このようなくねくねした線の模様で溢れていた。

The back of the quilt is a checkerboard arrangement of some baby soft, double gauze material designed by Heather Ross in her FarFar Away collection. The light blue sections are full of unicorns, and in the orange area you can find many little snails. This quilt is reversible.
ベビーキルトだから後ろにヘザー ロスのユニコーンとカタツムリの模様の柔らかいダブルガーゼを使いました。このキルトはリバーシブルだよ。

milo`s quilt-stone

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