Monday, January 25, 2010

Check out the locals 四国の伝統的な人形

During the winter holidays in 2009-2010 Rik and I packed up our bikes and headed for a two weeks cycling trip around Shikoku. If you are interested in reading about our trip feel free to surf our blog entries.
As we were cycling in the rather remote area of the Tsurugi mountain range, we came upon these life size dolls of japanese people. First this young lad waiting perhaps for a bus.


A living room scene complete with the entire extended family. Notice the middle age man drinking sake, the young boy with some sticky candy and the sandals carefully lined up at the entrance. I love all the careful attention to detail.

Here is a close-up of grandma and grandpa preparing some goodies on an open stove. Looks almost good enough to eat, especially in our ravenous state.


taco age
Further along the road we found this traditional new years scene complete with a playful kite flying scene.
The humor and the expression in all these scenes was wonderful and left us in a jolly mood for the rest of the day. We didn`t see a single live soul in these villages, but we were assured of their kind presence through these creative scenes from traditional rural japan.


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