Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrap Buster Pencil Case

pencil_case on hay_polaroid

My much loved scraps have now been reborn into a pencil case.
At first my scrap project was going to be yet another book cover, but the finished size turned out to be a little smaller than anticipated (measure twice cut once). In the end I made a pencil case. The zipper was really hard for me to put in, and after wrestling with my sewing machine, in the end I did it all by hand. I had to rip out the zipper no fewer than 4 times, until I finally got it right. How is that for perseverance!


  1. I like how you take pictures of your projects with an interesting background. Very neat!

  2. I love small patchworks...I just wish I'll be able to do day :D

  3. thanks for the nice comments. i love how i got to use up all my little bits and pieces. also i love exploring around my house to find cool backgrounds. I`m glad you noticed.


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